Electronics Repair Center

PS5 Repair, Xbox Series HDMI Repair Cost $99.00 + Tax in Memphis 

3385 Austin Peay Hwy Ste. 201  Zip 38128      Phone 901-324-7576

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a broken screen in my TV set can that be fixed or Repaired.

No, that cannot be repaired or fix by any repair shop. Reason the screen repair will cost more than the price of the set by 100 of bucks

Do Electronics Repair Center work on game system consoles

Yes we can, Electronics Repair Center can fix and repair PS5,Xbox One S,

Xbox One X ,PS4,nintendo wi,Xbox Series X,Xbox Series S, all Sony Playstations. We have SAME DAY Service and Repairs on gaming Consoles.

We have the cheapest prices on our repairs bar none. Electronics Repair Center can save customers hundreths of Dollars with our repairs,Thats done by qualified technician over 50 years. Not by YTT or YOU Tube Technician


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